Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spontaneous Juice Feast

Yup, 3 days and feeling light and good! 

Two friends of mine, one physical (Kim), and one virtual (Sandy), inspired me to get juicy for a few days to kick-start another fun-filled plan of action, so to speak. 

LOVED the fruit, but need to give it a break for a little bit as I was starting to find myself feeling a little off balance and falling towards foods that were the complete opposite (salty and cooked). 

With the markets in their full glory right now, I am longing for getting my pleasures through a variety of greens and juices. 

Essentially, I am going with my intuition these days and if the fruit angles come back and say its time to get extra fruity then I am game! But for now I am going for the greens and some avocado, but no nuts, and oils. 

Tomorrow I am very much looking forward to a salad made with fresh greens complements of a beautiful upstate farm, topped with a little avocado, red pepper, tomatoes, celery, garlic, cilantro, and a pinch of sea salt dressing. All to be consumed before 6pm and not after (my newest experiment). 

So thank you all, no matter what your food style ways may be for inspiring me to continually try out new things! Whether I stick with it, like it, dislike it-- doesn't matter, it is finding the opportunity that is present in each experience that makes me grow closer and closer to my true nature. 

May we all continue to uniquely define what we as individuals need to grow closer and closer to our inner bliss. 


Sarah said...

Not eating too late in the evening has been a long term "thing" I have been dealing with (as in, I don't often stick to it) :-) but, the times when I have, I feel so much better the next morning!

Keep us posted on what's working for ya. :-) ((hugs))

Sandy said...

Awww aren't virtual friends awesome? :D I am exactly like you, love experimenting and trying "better" things and jumping right in. I bet in a couple of years(or months) I'll be able to say that I tried everything when it comes to diet and foods(especially raw), and I wouldn't be lying!

One day we'll find that perfect "diet" or we'll go back to a certain one but at the right time and actually stick with it without the need of experimenting. Maybe when we hit our 60's! hahah good luck my dear! Juices are awesome :D

Juicy Goosey said...

Go kiki go!!!!